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International Kenpo Karate Organization
 What is the "IKKO"  ?


                  Due to the untimely passing of Mr. Parker on December 15, 1990 and with the
             lack of a credible infra structure to contain & organize the Leaders of American
             Kenpo ( Senior Black Belts ) there was a need to develop a Quality  Organization,
             The "IKKO" ( International Kenpo Karate Organization ) is just that .  The IKKO is
             an Organization that certifies descendants of true Ed Parker's American Kenpo
             with quality Kenpo training and traceable lineage.   Although the IKKO was
             initially formalized in February 1991,  I felt that a memorial period was necessary
             before moving forward in 1995.  During this time I had conversations with several
             of my Kenpo brothers and sisters, we all shared mixed feelings as to what to do.
                  Some immediately started  their own associations, or did so soon after, and
             one even "proclaimed to be the ONLY person to take over Ed Parker's position ,
             Others remained in their current associations maintaining status quo and  helping
             where they could, yet others, decided to adopt a "wait and see" attitude as to what
             was to come.

                  Discussing the many current Kenpo issues and after much thought,
             encouragement,  and observation had been taken into consideration, the outcome
             was obvious.  I felt that Mr. Parker has called upon and guided me through this
             interesting period of time.  To stop and waste all my training, talents and
             experiences in Kenpo with Mr. Parker and all my Kenpo Family would be
             unacceptable.  My vision to develop an Independent American Kenpo Organization
             ( positive and progressive ) to continue to instruct, share, train, interpret, and
             expand the American Kenpo System, words, and ideals of Ed Parker through the
             intelligent pursuit of logic as it applies today is our mission.  We must not  let our
             Art fall into the hands of those less suited.  I believe the Kenpo Practitioners that
             I choose to associate with are of the highest quality and character and have the
             greatest desire to cooperate in the continuation of American Kenpo into the next
             millennium and for future generations to enjoy the benefits of this Great Art to the
             extreme.  I belief we have an incredible foundation to continue the works.  Let us
             continue ...






  • Traceable Ed Parker Lineage and  Quality Certification
  • Seminars by the Worlds Top Instructors
  • World Class American Kenpo training
  • Impressive Board of Directors
  • Instruction on methods of training
  • Standardization of Curriculum
  • Tournament administration
  • Business Consultation
  • American Kenpo Books
  • Visual aids & Charts
  • Traditions of Kenpo
  • Student Journals
  • Member Unity
  • Training


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