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American Kenpo Training Posters & Charts
Signed copies available upon request (please indicate this when checking out).

Kenponents American Kenpo Posters Dennis Conatser


My "Instructional Tools of Kenpo" or "Kenponents Poster" are now available.

    The full color 13 x 17 thick gloss posters are $14.95 ea + shipping & handling (quantity discounts available). English or Spanish versions.

    Signed copies available upon request (please indicate this when checking out).


    Purchase Now at


     Money Order, PayPal, Visa, M/C, or Discover accepted.

    Call Dennis Conatser right now at 602.469.1209 to order.


     $1.00 per poster goes to support Bob Whites efforts towards the Royal Family Kids Project! Kenpoaloha! 


Yellow Belt Poster                            $ 34.95   "Click here for Sample of Poster"

Orange Belt Chart                        $ 34.95   "Click here for Sample of Poster"

Purple Belt Chart                         $ 34.95

Blue Belt Chart                            $ 34.95

Green Belt Chart                          $ 34.95

3rd Degree Brown Belt Chart        $ 34.95

All Posters - Size = 18" wide X 24" high
   To order posters send e-mail to: 
or call: 602-498-5960
Plus postage & handling per order





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