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By: Dennis Conatser 3-19-2004

On this day in '31,
A Kenpo Legend had begun,
Little did the family know,
What this little boy would come to show.

Today he'd be .......... well.... 73,
Still teaching Kenpo to you and me,
It's very strange when I am asked,
How nearly 14 years have quickly passed...

We still remember the lessons taught,
The "Kenpo Creed" and knowledge sought,
Web of Knowledge, Principles and Zones,
Correct execution and alignment of bones.

Stances, shuffles, strikes, kicks and more,
All parts fo the curriculum you had in store.
Technique examples for us to learn,
Extensions to study, logic to learn.

Study, research, explore and train,
Your Depth of Kenpo will grow and gain,
You'll "KNOW OF" to start, then grow to "KNOW",
Then "UNDERSTAND", what you've been shown.

We thank you Sir, for this great Art.
We'll keep it active, within our hearts,
We'll do our best to pass it on,
We'll strive to keep your memory strong!

Happy Birthday

Dennis Conatser 3.19.04

Much Respect Sir!

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           Dedicated to preserving the memory of the Original Founder and Senior Grandmaster of
          American Kenpo: Edmund Kealoha Parker Sr.  Note:  anyone having poems they would
like to share ....   please contact us: IKKO HEADQUARTERS







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