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By: Dennis Conatser 3-19-2000

   Tho you may not still be with us,
   We remember you just the same.
   We are all still studying Kenpo,
   And still bringing up your name.
   The Art that you had left us,
   Is growing day by day,
   Although we all have different views,
   Your American Kenpo is here to stay.
   You'd be proud of your only son,
   An ambassador he is today,
   He is training and been enlightened,
   And sharing what you used to say.
   We now have more technology,
   Such as Forums and live chats,
   Some discussions are real doozies,
   And some are down right spats.
   The world is getting smaller,
   Word travels super fast today,
   With web sites and email,
   Questions and answers have no delay.
   You left us many answers,
   But you left some questions too,
   None the less we still forge on,
   We all seem to know just what to do.
   I know you always had a plan,
   With everything you've done,
   There are lots of creative thinkers,
   Kenpo's Gaseous Expansion has begun!
   We all still wish that you were here,
   To enjoy the Your Kenpo Fruits,
   But let there be no mistake,
   We shall all remember our roots.
   We also hope you're smiling,
   With all we have done to your Art,
   We hope to make it better,
   Because we had an Awesome start.
   So Happy Birthday,
  We all sing,
   You'd be 69 today,
   You are still very much in all our hearts,
   And there you will always stay.
   Happy Birthday Sir!

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           Dedicated to preserving the memory of the Original Founder and Senior Grandmaster of
          American Kenpo: Edmund Kealoha Parker Sr.  Note:  anyone having poems they would
like to share ....   please contact us: IKKO HEADQUARTERS







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