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             Well, all good things come to an end. At least for this year. Many of you may know
                by now that the Tournament is canceled for 2000. Sad but true. Poor turnout the
                last few years and declining interest prevent the longest running tournament to end. 


   The IKC's may not go on this year,
   But the memories are in our hearts.
   The once Big Time Kenpo Dynasty,
   That gave us all our starts.
   All of those that are "famous" now,
   Can recall the "good ole days",
   Of all the friendship, blood and tears,
   We shared upon that stage.
   Many went on to become Movie Stars,
   It was here they got their start,
   Lee, Kelly, Norris, Speakman, & Ed Parker,
   We all enjoyed your parts.
   We all would gather and shoot the breeze,
   Over dinner, drink or the pool.
   It was a time to share our Kenpo thoughts,
   Or just plain act a fool.
   We proved this vision of our Kenpo Great,
   That his noble intentions indeed were keen,
   To develop the spirit of the competitive heart,
   And give us our own vehicle to be seen.
   Many organizations have spawned anew,
   With new and exciting Kenpo drills,
   We now won't be able to show them off,
   Which gives me the Kenpo Chills.
   So lets just hope that things get worked out soon
   And once again we all can share,
   The fun times and competition,
   Of all Ed K. Parker's Kenpo Heirs.
   Dennis Conatser
Dennis Conatser 2-9-2000

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           Dedicated to preserving the memory of the Original Founder and Senior Grandmaster of
          American Kenpo: Edmund Kealoha Parker Sr.  Note:  anyone having poems they would
like to share ....   please contact us: IKKO HEADQUARTERS







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