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American Kenpo Seminars by IKKO's Board of Directors:
If you are interested in setting up a Seminar ....
drop us a line so we can establish a date and work out all details.
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Sigung Steve LaBounty 9th Degree Black Belt writes: "Mr. Conatser, a long time student of Mr. Parker, has an intensity towards, Kenpo that is infectious, and replete with knowledge of the system that the Grand Master Ed Parker left us.  He was raised in the Kenpo Iron Worker school, and migrated toward Mr. Parker's personal teaching to become one of the authorities on the System".
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"Dennis Conatser"
   The Philosophy of Kenpo  -  The often overlooked Foundation of a Successful System
   The Evolution of Kenpo  -  A Historical look at the development of our System
   Architecture of Kenpo  -  The Structure of the System of Kenpo and how it relates to each
                                                          Belt Level
   Teaching Methods of Kenpo  -  How to Introduce Kenpo to the Adult Student
   Teaching Methods of Kenpo  -  How to Introduce Kenpo to Children
   Basics - The Heart of  Kenpo - A focused look at key principles, concepts, & rudiments
   Kenpo Dictionaries  -  Forms: Short One - Long One - Short Two - Long Two
   Kenpo Encyclopedias  -  Forms: Short Three thru Form Eight
   Kenpo Appendices  -  Sets:  Stance-Blocking-Striking-Finger-Kicking-Coordination
   Engineering Forms & Sets  -  How to develop a your own new Form or Set
   Self Defense - The Soul of  Kenpo - A focused look at key techniques
   Beginning Sparring - How to establish a great starting foundation for sparring
   Advanced Sparring - Winning techniques of a champion
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"Stephen LaBounty"
   The Creation of Personal Forms 
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"Tom Kelly"
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"Edmund Parker Jr."
International Kenpo Karate Organization
"Up Coming Events"



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